Palmetto Bluff

Bluffton, SC

This marina project is an upscale resort development that is widely recognized as a posh destination. Incorporated in the village area is a dry stack system. We supplied three rows of free-standing, galvanized racks inside the marina’s architecturally-enhanced, three-sided sheds. This system consists of double wide bays, three and four levels high for storage of approximately 90 boats.

Westport Marina

Denver, NC

Free standing inside racks to replace failed roll-formed pallet racks. Consists of straight racks, 4 levels high, to store 195 boats and angled racks, 4 levels high, to store 148 boats.

Cobalt Farms

Fontana, WI

Clear-span building with free standing inside racks completed in November of 2000. Aesthetics include cupolas on the roof. Designed for boat storage over service area. Racks three and four levels high for storage of 253 boats.

Seattle Boat Co.

Seattle, WA

Free-standing rack system for inside a clear span building. The shelf beams, timber clamps, and ground stands are galvanized for superior corrosion resistance and low maintenance. All rack upright frames are painted. Rack system consists of two rows of double and triple wide bays, four and five levels high with a top shelf height of 35’0″. Total storage for 152 boats.

Candlewood East Marina Club

Brookfield, CT

Two rows of free-standing, painted, inside boat racks. Both rows are three levels high with a top shelf height of 22’0″. The rows consist of single wide and double wide bays with the bottom level completely open. Total storage for up to 90 boats.

Marine Stadium Marina (City of Miami)

Miami, FL

Four seperate rows of fully galvanized boat racks, consisting of double wide bays two and three levels high, for total storage of 146 boats.

North Beach Marina

Miami, FL

Galvanized, outside straight boat racks for total storage of 130 boats. Three and four levels high. We also supplied angled, inside boat racks for storage of 38 boats.

Port of Edmonds

Edmonds, WA

Four rows of free-standing, outside, galvanized storage racks for total storage of 224 boats. All of the double wide bays are two levels high, but the columns were designed with top splice plates for future bolt-on extensions to increase the height to three and four levels high.

Lazy Days Marina

Buford, GA

This marina wanted to accommodate larger boats. We supplied a free-standing, galvanized, inside rack system to replace their existing racks. This system consists of four rows of angled racks to store 130 boats. These racks are oriented at a 30 degree angle, with the forklift approaching at 60 degrees. The rack system was also designed with four rows of straight racks for 224 boats.

Masonboro Boatyard

Wilmington, NC

We previously supplied our boat racks to this marina and they withstood three direct hits from hurricanes that hit the Cape Fear area. Early in 2006, we upgraded the original system to accommodate larger boats. The new galvanized racks consist of two sections: one row of straight racks to store 38 boats, and a U-shaped row containing angled and straight racks to store 48 boats.

Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club

Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club

Naples, FL

This rack system may only store 8 boats total, but it is the first we have built with steel bunkers with rub rails, along with capacity for 40,000 pound boats.