Free-Standing Racks

Free-standing racks are the most rapid and cost-effective way to increase boat storage capacity and overall revenue compared to covered storage systems, they are much easier to get permitted, especially in today’s regulatory environment.

  • Single, double or triple wide bay designs.
  • Two to five levels high.
  • Fully adjustable shelf heights with completely adjustable timber clamps.
  • Available in hot dipped galvanized or painted finish.

Angled Racks

Boats are getting longer and the demand for their storage continues to increase. Angled racks offer the solution…storage of longer boats within a given space, whether inside existing buildings or outside in the yard.

  • Provides storage of longer boats in same footprint.
  • Increases effective aisle space.
  • Increases storage fees and ancillary revenue.
  • Improves efficiency and safety.

Retrofit Racks

Old racks are…well,old. Once a good investment, they cannot safely and efficiently accommodate today’s larger boats. The solution…replace those old racks with new racks.

  • Replaces old racks with new structural steel racks.
  • Provides storage of larger, more upscale boats.
  • Improves forklift operator efficiency and reduces boat damage.
  • Increases revenue for marinas through higher storage fees, higher fuel sales, etc.
  • Improves boat owner’s confidence with increased safety and security for their boats.
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Portable Racks

These racks provide instant storage capacity, along with the flexibility to move them around the yard.  They can increase winter storage capacity when re-located in the aisles of existing northern buildings.

  • Most cost effective rack system available.
  • Manufactured from 100% hot rolled structural steel utilizing I-beam columns.
  • Fully adjustable shelf heights with completely adjustable timber clamps.
  • Available in hot dipped galvanized or painted finish.
  • Easy to install.

Ground Stands

  • I-Beam Boat Stand with adjustable timber clamps.
  • Combines unsurpassed capacity with ease of maneuverability.
  • Customized stands are available.
  • Available in galvanized or painted finish.
  • Timbers not included.

Jet Ski Racks

  • Unique cantilever design storage racks for personal watercraft.
  • Each rack frame consists of a base and column, with adjustable arms. Standard heights of 12′ / 16′ / 20′.
  • Available in single sided or double sided modules that can either stand alone or be attached in longer rows.
  • Can accommodate watercraft in three to six levels high.
Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club

Heavy Duty Racks

Capacity for up to 40,000 boats

Heavy duty steel bunkers for added strength