Dry storage marinas with narrow buildings and/or older rack systems are not able to handle storage for the longer, wider boats of today. The construction of new facilities to accommodate these larger boats is not always practical or economical. A viable answer is to retrofit the existing structure with improved structural steel racks which are designed to store the larger boats, resulting in overall increased revenues. The rates that can be charged are then based on the boat length, height and width.

The following customers decided to retrofit their rack systems.

Lazy Days Marina, Buford, GA


This is a large marina on Lake Lanier. Their building previously housed over 500 boats in single bay, pallet-style racks. Safety concerns and the need to store larger boats led this customer to retrofit their rack system. We supplied four rows of angled racks to store 130 boats, and four rows of straight racks to store 224 boats. The average boat size in the new system increased by 14% and revenues increased dramatically.

Hi-Lift Marina, Aventura, FL


This marina had single wide racks that could not accommodate the larger, wider boats that they were selling. We replaced the existing racks with large, double wide bays to handle bigger boats.

Westport Marina, Denver, NC


Capacity 188 boats
132 slots usable
70% occupancy
50′ aisle
Average boat 23′
Longest boat 25′
4,000# boat maximum


Capacity 162 boats
All slots usable
100% occupancy
60′ aisle
Average boat 26′
Longest boat 32′
10,000# boat maximum

Due to the increased revenue generated by longer boats, the customer paid for the new racks in one year.

Al Grover's Hi & Dry Marina, Freeport, NY


Our company designed the first two levels for angled boat storage and the top level for straight boat storage. Racks angled at 30 degrees to provide for actual clear opening of 20′-0″. All shelf capacities built for 10,000# boats.

Parish Creek Landing, Shady Side, MD


These were older style Pallet racks that couldn’t accommodate any bigger boats. We supplied one row of straight rack, and one row of angled rack to accommodate even larger boats than typically could be stored in this building. Second level could store two boats up to 10,000# each, and the third level two boats up to 8,000# each.

MarineMax, Lake Wylie, SC


These also were older style pallet racks,  these had extreme fatigue and damage, and this was a major safety and property damage concern. First level had ground stands holding boats up to 15,000# each,  Second level could store two boats up to 10,000# each, and the third level two boats up to 8,000# each.

Marker One Marina, Dunedin, FL


Our company supplied this marina with three rows of rack for total storage of 99 boats. Two of the rows were designed at a 30 degree angle, three levels high. All bays were designed to store boats from 5,000# to 12,000# each.