Benefits of Boat Rack Storage

Economic Impact

  • Increases revenue potential
  • Ancillary income; additional fuel, maintenance, supplies and bait sales
  • Improves overall value of the marina

Increased Water Access

  • Substantially increases boat capacity
  • Increases boat sales

Environmentally Friendly

  • Effectively reduces or eliminates fuel/lubricant leaks, sewage pumping or spills, litter, and the discharge of chemicals from anti-fouling bottom paints

Maximizes Boat Storage Capability

  • High density boat storage can be achieved on minimal acreage
  • Rack storage provides more efficiency than trailers and launching ramps where waterfront access is limited

Boater Benefits

  • Convenience of “valet services”
  • Greatly enhances the appearance, performance, and resale value of boats
  • Dry stack offers improved security for the customers’ boats
  • Unauthorized personnel is more easily controlled
  • No need for anti-fouling bottom paint
  • No corrosion or oxidation to the outdrives